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Our Mission

SVIN Mission Thrombectomy: Global Access for Stroke Treatment is changing stroke systems of care by ensuring access to a mechanical thrombectomy as an option for treatment. Mission Thrombectomy is driving this innovation forward by bringing professionals and the public together to spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of stroke, ensuring that all people are empowered to take action immediately and seek treatment at the closest capable facility, and engage others to advocate for access and treatment across the globe. Through advocacy, they are accelerating global access to lifesaving and disability-reversing treatment.

Partnership Opportunities

Regional Committee Workshops & Projects


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Workshops and collaboration on gap analysis of stroke needs are being done in various countries. The planned workshops focus on the details of mechanical thrombectomy (MT) and the identification, triage, and adequate treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke undergoing MT. The education will include modules on post-procedural care. The gap analysis will identify project needs, and the funds used will help plan, develop, and implement projects in selected countries.

Observership Program


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In partnership with Avail, Proximie, and Stryker Platforms, this novel tele educational experience, where learners observe from across the world and participate in a dynamic and hybrid observership program with educational sites offering a combination of live case commentaries, and didactics targeting best practices and updates in the field of stroke care.

Stroke Stories


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To truly understand the impact of thrombectomy and stroke treatment globally, we are on a quest to hear it directly from those stakeholders affected by it, the patients and caregivers. Stories will come from around the world. We will learn about the day they had a stroke, how they accessed care, navigating the health system, their treatment, post-care, and much more. These are the stories the world wants to hear.

Webinar Series


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A collection of presentations from global health experts to transfer knowledge and an outline for practical guidance to inspire the SVIN membership, industry, and other stakeholders to pursue global initiatives in improving the quality and delivery of stroke care for patients in low and middle-income countries.

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